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The process of putting together different forms of pages and assembling them into one single unit so that it can be referred to as and when required is called binding. Binding Edinburgh style is gaining a lot of prominence these days. There are different forms of binding that are available in Binding Edinburgh style. The art of binding is something that has been inherited from India.

In ancient times, people made use of the barks of tree or leaves to make notes of any incidents that were of historical importance. They were also used for documenting events that have shaped what we now call the past. The leaves were first dried and then painted with color post which the required documentation was made onto the leaves. Once this was done, the bark of a tree was used as a cover for the leaves in order to protect them from any damage. The leaves were pulled together with the help of a thread. With the evolution of time and technology we have moved into a much sophisticated form of binding. In this article you will become familiar with the various forms of Binding Edinburgh style and also the importance of these types of bindings.

One of the most prominent types of binding is the Hardcover Binding. In this type of binding the book is covered with a hard cover that is rigid to protect the pages of the book. The book is stitched through the spine. If you were to be able to open the book in the middle the stitches are clearly visible. This type of Binding Edinburgh style is commonly used for large and heavy books that have a higher number of pages. A number of vendors in Edinburgh who provide this service usually take orders which are at an institutional level. The books that bound using this style or form of binding have shown longer durability than the others. Earlier when the hardcover binding was done, the name of the book or title was mentioned by using a pen on the front page of the book. However, with the advent of technology the name of the book is now printed on the spine of the book, which makes it very easy to browse if you are looking for a particular kind of book when the selection range is huge. Although this kind of Binding Edinburgh style has gained a lot of importance, it is crucial to understand that if the stitching is not done with proper care it can result in the pages of the book getting separated.


A number of institutions in Edinburgh show a great amount of inclination for this type of binding. However, there has been a noted decrease in the number of people who want this type of binding the reason being that a number of institutions are now having a number of digital libraries. Binding Edinburgh style has gained a lot of prominence amongst the general public; there are a number of vendors who provide this service at different prices.

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