Advantages of Dedicated Server Hosting

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There are several advantages to having dedicated server hosting which is why it is so attractive to a number of online companies. It may be more expensive than the shared variety but the positives do outweigh this only real negative and with so many companies offering this service it is also very easy for you to be set up in next to no time.

The main advantage is that it is only you that is on this account unlike the shared variety where you have to share the bandwidth and power with other people. This can often lead to problems because one site can make the entire thing come crashing down meaning you lose out.

You have a greater deal of control about what can go on it since the shared variety can limit you when it comes to certain scripts and bandwidth. This is because they have to strike a balance for everyone that has an account whereas when you are the only one this is not a problem.


You are able to choose from two types and the one you select depends on your own ability to repair and run this particular piece of technology. This is because you can have the company you rent the space from to deal with the upkeep or alternatively you can do it yourself if you have a tech department.

The price you pay does depend on how fast you need it and also the amount of space that is required so shop around. Always read reviews about how good a company is with answering support tickets because if they are slow then obviously you can be losing business should your site go down for any reason.

You can therefore see that these are just a few of the advantages of dedicated server hosting and you can perhaps now understand why it is so popular. If you only have a few visitors a day then you are going to be fine with a shared one however if you have a large site and using up a lot of bandwidth then this is certainly something you need to consider.

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