Poken Pulse to be Available Soon


Poken Pulse to be Available Soon

A business card alternative is being made available in a new design called the Pulse from Poken. The thumbdrive design makes the device appropriate for business use and features the great features of previous models. This 2 GB device stores your contact information in digital format and when tapped against another Pulse exchanges the contact information using Near-field technology. Just like exchanging business cards but the information is easily transferred to a digital device or a computer database at a later time.


The device is so convenient that it can be attached to a keychain or worn as an accessory. The contacts on the device can be offloaded using the USB port of any compatible laptop, PDA, or computer. When plugged in, a web browser takes you to your Poken account online where all your contacts are stored automatically. The device also uses encryption to make sure your information is not taken unintentionally.

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