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Advertise your business with a brand building travel mug.


When traveling, driving or being on the go, one thing that most people enjoy is having a beverage. Whether the beverage you are enjoying is a coffee brew or any other beverage, one of the most effective ways to keep things neat is to make use of a travel mug and keeping it in a cup holder. Most of the beverages like coffee, tea or hot chocolate to name a few can be used to fit the description of a travel mug. A travel mug is a good option to gift to anyone, therefore some companies give away the mugs as gifts.

The mugs made of plastic or aluminum can serve as a promotional or branding possibility as the body of the mugs is usually screen printed with a logo of a specific company. At a promotional or any other business related event, mugs made of paper or plastic are made use of, but it is the ceramic cups that draw most of the people’s attention. A ceramic cup can be used as a way of promoting a company’s products and it is also a fantastic way of advertising. This way, the people are aware of the company and its products eventually spreading out the word to others.

Companies which send their employees on a business trip have few materials given by the company to make use of while traveling. This includes the travel mugs as well. Whether intentional or not, the employees seem to advertise their company by displaying the slogan or logo engraved on their travel mugs thus drawing the attention of customers who may or may not be requiring the services of the company later on.

The life of a mug lasts long when handled carefully, so it can be used at a workplace or at home. The mug continues to promote or advertise the company’s logo as long as the screen printing on it is intact. The information on the mug continues to help a company for many years as long as it is being used frequently. Many beverages or other drink holder related products are also available like the travel mugs.

One can have his travel mug customized if he wants to stand out from others. Of course, customizing a cup is a costly affair but that solely depends on the quantity of mugs produced. Mugs can be customized online too and the appropriate price can be paid for it. One must always remember to add in the shipping fee while buying a cup online so as to prevent the extra charges burn a hole in your pocket. Customers can be gifted with customized travel mugs during their vacation or holidays. This is an excellent way to build relationship with customers and hence selling cups to them make it very easy. Thus increment in revenues is entirely possible then.

Poken Pulse to be Available Soon


Poken Pulse to be Available Soon

A business card alternative is being made available in a new design called the Pulse from Poken. The thumbdrive design makes the device appropriate for business use and features the great features of previous models. This 2 GB device stores your contact information in digital format and when tapped against another Pulse exchanges the contact information using Near-field technology. Just like exchanging business cards but the information is easily transferred to a digital device or a computer database at a later time.

The device is so convenient that it can be attached to a keychain or worn as an accessory. The contacts on the device can be offloaded using the USB port of any compatible laptop, PDA, or computer. When plugged in, a web browser takes you to your Poken account online where all your contacts are stored automatically. The device also uses encryption to make sure your information is not taken unintentionally.

Brandpesto Designs Holiday Gift to Hold Business Cards

Nes Card Holder

Branpesto Designs Holiday Gift to Hold Business Cards

Video game lovers that have now become serious business executives may want the classic design of the NES controller for their business cards. At least that is what Branpesto is hoping with their Holiday Gift called the “NES Controller Business Card Case for Gamers”. This business card holder resembles the original Nintendo Entertainment System controllers with directional controls, A and B buttons, and select and start selectors.

The case is good for all kinds of cards including payment cards and business cards. The person on the receiving end of a business card pulled from the case might look at you slightly odd. But if weird techy is the look you are going for, this gift is perfect. The case costs roughly $30 after converting to US Dollars.

Business Cards in a Social Media World

Business Cards in a Social Media World

With new applications online like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, is it still necessary to carry and hand out business cards? My first thought is absolutely. Why would anyone want to miss out on an opportunity to network by not passing out business cards to new acquaintances. But maybe there’s a way to allow people to contact you without a business card.


If you are in front of the group at anytime during a meeting, start by giving out your Twitter username, Facebook page, Linked In username, email address, and website URL. This could save you time meeting with many individuals who are seeking your contact information only. And make sure to have all this information present on your business card when you do present it to others.

Twitter Lists allow you to group people based on events or interests. So if you meet 10 people at a lunch networking group this week, get their Twitter names and add them all to a Twitter list. Many cell phone applications are incorporating Twitter lists into their Twitter applications, so you can find the people quickly on your mobile when needed. This is a nice replacement for the traditional rolodex.

Make you Facebook page url available on the group’s or event’s website. People can easily friend you this way and stay in contact long after the event has ended. Post weekly on your Facebook wall to keep everyone informed on your current status and project plans.

These social media applications should replace your rolodex if not your business cards all together.

Laser Printers for Graphic Design Applications

Laser Printers for Graphic Design Applications:

Jesse Harwell — www.denvercopier.com
Are you thinking about getting a laser printer for a graphic design application such as printing business cards or creating flyers?  Hopefully this post will help you not make a decison that is going to waste a ton of your money and not really do anything substantial for your business.
The first thing you need to understand is how printer and copier companies generally compute costs.  Costs are generally computed by using an “average coverage” of 20% per 8.5 X 11 sheet of paper.  What does this actually mean?  Basically it looks like this, the page is covere by this much color…
5% Cyan
5% Magenta
5% Yellow
5% Black
20% Coverage
Now, if you are doing a full color flyer, the $.10 per print you think you’re paying if you’re buying your own supplies is more likely to cost about $.75 a page.
So, if you are doing Graphics, what do you do?  Basically, the best thing is to make sure you are under a cost per print plan?  Xerox and Konica Minolta seem to have the best available plans at this time.  If you are worried about color matching, you’d want to look at a Xerox Phaser 7760, if you are looking at low cost prints, you should look at a Xerox Phaser 8860 under a cost per print plan.
We can get your costs to be less than $.06 print, regardless of coverage if you use the Xerox Phaser 8860 under the Xerox cost per print plan.
These two units would be the first two I would look into if I were in the laser printer market.  Feel free to check out our site to use our free comparison tool!

The Easiest Way to Score 250 Free Business Cards


The Easiest Way to Score 250 Free Business Cards

Vista Print offers one of the most reliable ways to get professional looking business cards without paying extra for that polished look! Ordering from Vista Print is easy and users can fully design their own business cards using easy to manipulate software or choose from dozens of professional templates that they offer. With each order, Vista Print will give you 250 free business cards! Standard pricing for 500 business cards starts as low as $9.99 and you can have them printed in bold colors that will get your business noticed!

Why to Make Business Cards Part of Your Marketing Plan

Effective marketing doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. The point is that marketing your company or your services professionally can be as easy as stopping at Vista Print, configuring your custom designed business cards and dropping them off to local bulletins! You will have enough business cards to feel confident giving them to every potential customer you will have and with prices so low; printing some for every member of your team will not eat up your budget. Perhaps most impressive is that Vista Print offers convenience, ultra low pricing schedules and enables you to impress by delivering highly professional business cards that look like they cost a fortune.

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