Customer Service Problems Solved!

Just as looking at something under a microscope can reveal unexpected details, looking at your business in a similar way can also reveal some surprises! When was the last time you took a close look at how you are handling customer service issues? What are some common problems that don’t get handled properly?

Untrained Staff

Whether you own a small business or you are the supervisor of an army of employees, there has to be customer service training. If training has been neglected, how can it be addressed? For one thing, make customer service training part of your staff meetings. … Read more at Free Business Cards

Promotional Wristbands for Event Management

When planning for a huge event which will have an equally big number of attendees, wristbands may be used. Actually, there are various uses of these bands for certain events, especially in controlling the crowd, in identifying the participants and the visitors, or in utilizing these as remarkable promotional items that carry a special message.

Wristbands are of different sizes, hues, and patterns, and there are various wristband kinds in the market. The most sought-after materials are the tyvek, the plastic,  the fabric,  and the vinyl. In this connection, custom wristbands provide each set of organizers the advantage of being … Read more at Free Business Cards

Business Cards in a Social Media World

Business Cards in a Social Media World

With new applications online like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, is it still necessary to carry and hand out business cards? My first thought is absolutely. Why would anyone want to miss out on an opportunity to network by not passing out business cards to new acquaintances. But maybe there’s a way to allow people to contact you without a business card.

If you are in front of the group at anytime during a meeting, start by giving out your Twitter username, Facebook page, Linked In username, email address, and website URL. This … Read more at Free Business Cards