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Customer Service Problems Solved!

Just as looking at something under a microscope can reveal unexpected details, looking at your business in a similar way can also reveal some surprises! When was the last time you took a close look at how you are handling customer service issues? What are some common problems that don’t get handled properly?


Untrained Staff

Whether you own a small business or you are the supervisor of an army of employees, there has to be customer service training. If training has been neglected, how can it be addressed? For one thing, make customer service training part of your staff meetings. Customer service phone skills and person to person skills must be developed and maintained on a regular basis. Applying this suggestion will lead to a noticeable change in how your people treat your customers.


In the past, when customers were dissatisfied, they could waltz right into the storefront and speak with the owner face to face. This isn’t so common today, however. Businesses often lean toward having their “space” away from the client as much as possible. How can you strike a balance in your company? Look for ways to keep your business “human.” Your client needs reassured that doing business with you is the right decision. Make it easy for them to speak to someone who can provide that reassurance.

Not Keeping Promises

Promises are easy to make – and even easier to break. And this leads to a very unhappy customer! So before you make your next promise ask yourself, “Am I being realistic? Can I keep this promise?” You should be able to proudly state on your customer service resume that you excel in customer satisfaction. By keeping your promises to clients, you can honestly do so. And if, on a rare occasion, a promise must go unfulfilled, say that you are sorry without hesitation.

So, remember to look at your business under a microscope from time to time. You may see things you have overlooked. If it is lack of training, broken promises, or inaccessibility, identify it and correct it. Your clients will love you for it!

Promotional Wristbands for Event Management

When planning for a huge event which will have an equally big number of attendees, wristbands may be used. Actually, there are various uses of these bands for certain events, especially in controlling the crowd, in identifying the participants and the visitors, or in utilizing these as remarkable promotional items that carry a special message.


Wristbands are of different sizes, hues, and patterns, and there are various wristband kinds in the market. The most sought-after materials are the tyvek, the plastic,  the fabric,  and the vinyl. In this connection, custom wristbands provide each set of organizers the advantage of being able to select the needed material, colors, style, and design suitable for their event. The bands can be used for broadcasting a specific cause, as well as for promoting or supporting a particular business.

There are times when organizers use the aforementioned wristbands for not only promotion reasons but as an effective way to ensure security. Subsequently, these also function as a remembrance for each visitor to keep. Meanwhile, these event wristbands can also be used to identify the age group of certain participants, or to immediately recognize a specific crowd whilst on a visit to a particular location, and the like. Some large companies use these bands for easy recognition of their respective guests during conventions or activities.

The tyvek wristbands are inexpensive and are customizable. They are an easy solution to control or manage the crowd. The bands are composed of a material called spun polyethylene which is comparable to, but immensely durable than, paper. These tyvek wristbands truly are suitable for events that last around one to two days. Quite strong, these bands do not slip off easily. These are strategically placed in a way that prevents breaking or tampering. And because these are customizable, they can be designed according to one’s unique requirements. Patterned, barcoded, and printed tyvek wristbands are so popular, too.

On the other hand, the fabric wristbands are very fashionable, thus creating a superb visual impact. These give the maximum security level, and are simple to apply. Due to the nature of fabric, these bands can effortlessly withstand some amount of damage. Such fabric wristbands may be attached to the respective wrists safely with the aid of a special type of self-closing clip. Available in around six brilliant hues, these bands are really eye-catching. Moreover, these are strong, and may be used for particular events that last for more than a week.

Therefore, whatever the individual event requirements are, these wonderful wristbands can be quite useful. For any event, these attractive bands can entice everybody there. These are also an effective method in promoting the mentioned gathering, and also the involved company’s services and products.

Business Cards in a Social Media World

Business Cards in a Social Media World

With new applications online like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, is it still necessary to carry and hand out business cards? My first thought is absolutely. Why would anyone want to miss out on an opportunity to network by not passing out business cards to new acquaintances. But maybe there’s a way to allow people to contact you without a business card.


If you are in front of the group at anytime during a meeting, start by giving out your Twitter username, Facebook page, Linked In username, email address, and website URL. This could save you time meeting with many individuals who are seeking your contact information only. And make sure to have all this information present on your business card when you do present it to others.

Twitter Lists allow you to group people based on events or interests. So if you meet 10 people at a lunch networking group this week, get their Twitter names and add them all to a Twitter list. Many cell phone applications are incorporating Twitter lists into their Twitter applications, so you can find the people quickly on your mobile when needed. This is a nice replacement for the traditional rolodex.

Make you Facebook page url available on the group’s or event’s website. People can easily friend you this way and stay in contact long after the event has ended. Post weekly on your Facebook wall to keep everyone informed on your current status and project plans.

These social media applications should replace your rolodex if not your business cards all together.

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