Discover 4 Secrets of Business Card Design

The one thing the Internet has changed however, is the way we design these business cards. Audiences have become increasingly lazy, and influenced on a ‘first impressions’ basis. Here’s what you need to know about Business Card Design.

Business Card Design

If your card doesn’t wow them straight away, chances are it’ll end up in the bin. We still use business cards to secure a sale or enquiry, and we always want to make the best possible impression.

So what are the secrets to designing a winning business card?

Business Card Design: Photos

We all know how fast-paced modern business is. There is … Read more at Free Business Cards

Poken Pulse to be Available Soon


Poken Pulse to be Available Soon

A business card alternative is being made available in a new design called the Pulse from Poken. The thumbdrive design makes the device appropriate for business use and features the great features of previous models. This 2 GB device stores your contact information in digital format and when tapped against another Pulse exchanges the contact information using Near-field technology. Just like exchanging business cards but the information is easily transferred to a digital device or a computer database at a later time.

The device is so convenient that it can be attached to a … Read more at Free Business Cards

Brandpesto Designs Holiday Gift to Hold Business Cards

Nes Card Holder

Branpesto Designs Holiday Gift to Hold Business Cards

Video game lovers that have now become serious business executives may want the classic design of the NES controller for their business cards. At least that is what Branpesto is hoping with their Holiday Gift called the “NES Controller Business Card Case for Gamers”. This business card holder resembles the original Nintendo Entertainment System controllers with directional controls, A and B buttons, and select and start selectors.

The case is good for all kinds of cards including payment cards and business cards. The person on the receiving end of a … Read more at Free Business Cards

Laser Printers for Graphic Design Applications

Laser Printers for Graphic Design Applications:

Jesse Harwell —
Are you thinking about getting a laser printer for a graphic design application such as printing business cards or creating flyers?  Hopefully this post will help you not make a decison that is going to waste a ton of your money and not really do anything substantial for your business.
The first thing you need to understand is how printer and copier companies generally compute costs.  Costs are generally computed by using an “average coverage” of 20% per 8.5 X 11 sheet of paper.  What does this actually
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The Easiest Way to Score 250 Free Business Cards

The Easiest Way to Score 250 Free Business Cards

Vista Print offers one of the most reliable ways to get professional looking business cards without paying extra for that polished look! Ordering from Vista Print is easy and users can fully design their own business cards using easy to manipulate software or choose from dozens of professional templates that they offer. With each order, Vista Print will give you 250 free business cards! Standard pricing for 500 business cards starts as low as $9.99 and you can have them printed in bold colors that will get your business noticed!

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VistaPrint, As Easy as 1-2-3





Needing some custom printed business cards for your next new client meeting? Then finding the nearest online VistaPrint business might fit the bill. If you are tight on time, and need some fast cards that are of print shop quality, VistaPrint is the printer to find online. VistaPrint has already helped 19 million people worldwide with cards, brochures, banners, and with just about anything else that you can put ink on, to include magnets and rubber stamps.



But the genius of the VistaPrint system is that all you have to … Read more at Free Business Cards