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Discover 4 Secrets of Business Card Design

The one thing the Internet has changed however, is the way we design these business cards. Audiences have become increasingly lazy, and influenced on a ‘first impressions’ basis. Here’s what you need to know about Business Card Design.

Business Card Design

If your card doesn’t wow them straight away, chances are it’ll end up in the bin. We still use business cards to secure a sale or enquiry, and we always want to make the best possible impression.

So what are the secrets to designing a winning business card?

Business Card Design: Photos

We all know how fast-paced modern business is. There is no guarantee that after you hand over your business card, the recipient will remember you. Especially if you were at a networking event or trade show. The easiest way to help ensure your card is always linked back to you is to include a photo.

A simple head and shoulders shot will do, showing you in professional attire with a smile. Don’t include images from your latest night out; you need to look professional and convince the recipient you’re the right person to do business with.


Change the Shape

Business cards are traditionally a landscape orientated rectangle. Switch up the shape and you instantly make an impact. Something as simple as changing it to a portrait card can really make a difference.

If you’re looking to pack an even bigger punch, use die-cutting to completely transform the shape. For example, if you make or sell women’s clothing consider using a dress or shoe shaped card. This instantly reinforces what you do and makes your card stand out.


Companies such as McDonalds are instantly recognizable by their unique and memorable corporate branding. While you may not be as big as the fast-food retailer, you should follow suit in terms of company identity. Make sure your company colours and logo are prominent on the card so everyone knows who you are.

Depending on your colour scheme, you could deviate from the normal white background and inject some colour into the card. It’s important to make sure your colours work as well in print as they do on screen before you hand out your cards. You want to be remembered for a winning business card, not a bad one.

QR Codes

Bring your business card bang up to date by including a QR code. The space on a business card is limited, so you can offer recipients a little bit more with this simple code. They simply scan it using their smart phone and can be directed to anything from a website to unique video content.

Your business card should be an extension of your business, and needs to accurately reflect you as a company. But you also want to stand out and be remembered more than the next business. Make sure you prove why your customers should come to you instead of a competitor. Show off your personality and creativity in an instant.

Charterprint offer competitive design and printing rates for your companies business cards. Visit their website, charterprint.co.uk, for more information.

Tips on Designing Your Own Business Cards


A lot of people today are venturing into an online business because of the accessibility of owning one. One way to make a business prosper is to use business cards to represent a company or an individual business owner. Business cards carry the name and the product or the services of a company that is why it is vital to have a business card that is professionally made. Some popular cards are the music business cards which are really unique business cards.

There are various types and designs of business cards in the market today but you need to make sure you choose the one that will be suitable for your needs. There are proper ways to make business cards and to come up with the best one that will be suitable for your needs.

Setting the best business card template

It is vital for you to know how to choose the right types of business cards that will be best for your business. There are templates that are not meant for you so it should be best to make a thorough research so that you will not be mistaken in choosing the right one.

The margin when you will make your own

First thing you need to do is to set your computer margin where the design will start. It should not be more than 3/8 inches so that you will be able to make a lot of business card from a piece of paper.

The information

It is best for you to make a draft of important information that should be included in the card so that you will not forget anything at all. It is very important for you to know the things that should be listed on the card too.

The fonts of the card should be appropriate

Choosing the right font and size is also an important thing to do. You need to make sure that the size is also appropriate for the business card you want.

Boosting your business network by proper usage of your business card


Are you a new business owner? What is the first thing that you should do as a new business owner? Well, the simple answer to this question is to invest money in getting business cards. If you want to boost the visibility of your business and make it popular, you must use business cards. A quality business card has lots of advantages and it serves more than one purpose for the business owner. Business cards are an effective tool for a business owner to boost communication with a client and enhance the profitability of his organization. An owner can easily maintain a balance between his investment and expenditure and avoid falling into the debt trap. Here are some important networking tips for you to accelerate the growth of your business organization.

Always carry it when you’re out: Before you leave home, your checklist must include your business cards. Any possibility of a ‘per chance’ meeting is an opportunity that can be materialized. Even if you’re going out for a morning run or a quick trip, you must carry a business card to increase your network. Make sure you always ask yourself whether or not you’re carrying these cards before you leave your home.

Insert the business card when you mail bill payments: Just as bills contain advertisements of various things, why can’t you advertise or promote your skills or business services the same way? Insert your online business card while you’re mailing your credit card bill payments. This will help the credit card company to know about your organization and he may get back to you when need arises. Never undervalue the power of networking and maintain a powerful networking attitude to ensure continued commercial success.

Use proper business card etiquettes: You must maintain a particular etiquette when you exchange business cards with a person. Always ask for a business card when you give yours. When the person offers, don’t just put it into your pocket as this may seem to be a rude gesture. Make the person feel that his business card is important for you by looking at it for few seconds. Demonstrate a sincere interest in the organization of the other person to expect the same.

Use them throughout the marketing process: When you start your new business organization, it is most likely that you will execute a successful marketing program to ensure better visibility of the company and better profits in the line. Place your business cards in the letters that are going to your clients as this will help you gain attention of the greatest clients and make yourself known to them. You can augment your company profits and safeguard yourself against the business debt disaster.

In the business world, it is not always what you know but who you know. Meeting different people a day is normal but keeping a track of whom you are meeting can be a tough proposition. Business cards are the key. They should never be wasted and must be used properly. It will help you target the best people who can contribute to the profits of your business and enable you to stay away from business debts by preserving a balance between the business investment and revenue.

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Stay Organized With A Leather Business Card Holder

Whether you are in business for yourself or are part of a large organization, presenting yourself in the best possible way may have a lasting impact. Moreover, conveying an organized as well as competent image may be accomplished in a number of ways. An attractive and informative business card, for example may be one way to do so. Using leather business card holders to keep your cards together may ensure that you are always ready to interact and leave a positive impression.


If your work involves a great deal of travel, keeping your business-related items organized and readily accessible may be especially important. Additionally, if you routinely hand out your business cards directly from a holder, having one that is befitting of the image you want to convey may make investing in a quality leather style worthwhile. Even if you must absorb the cost of such an item, there are a number of affordable options currently available.

Individuals who spend a majority of their day at their desk may be in need of a proper business card holder as well. A leather desk blotter, along with a leather business card holder, for example, may create an especially impressive appearance. This may be particularly important if your desk is in a highly visible area, or you frequently meet with clients or business associates at your desk or work area.

Quality leather usually becomes softer and suppler with continued use. As a result, choosing a business card holder made of leather may ensure you of having an accessory that lasts as long as needed. A leather business card holder may, in fact, make an ideal gift as well. With the variety of functional, affordable, and attractive options available, finding the right card holder may be an easy way to put your best foot forward.

Selecting the Right Business Card Software


Free business card software programs allow an individual to make business cards from templates in minutes. This is especially suitable to small businesses and individuals who want to make some cards. Several business card softwares comprise paper samples and/or options hot to make a commercial printing.

Business cards shouldn’t be a luxurious tool for advertising. With the invention of Internet, small organizations and companies are taking orders on their own. They don’t rely now on the aid of a business card printing office/agency. Fortunately, with excellent computers and laser printers out in the market, there are many business card printing softwares and templates, which will allow anyone to create a card quickly.

If you plan on printing few business cards, it might be wise to use free business card software. This will reduce the cost you will have to pay on a printing agency to none. Similarly, if you are planning to print a huge amount of cards, it might be wise for you to hand it to professionals. However, you will avoid paying extra fees and save some time if you are going to make your own business card.

For people who are not sure of how to select the most excellent business card software, then it is very important that the programs you are using are customizable. Distinguished softwares right now include the Business Card Designer Plus. It doesn’t only contain easy-to-use software. It also gives out many options – from colorful backgrounds to different textures. Fortunately nowadays, there are free downloads on such softwares, which allow you to use these programs freely.

Even though there is much business card software that cost you a nickel, there are also programs that are free to use. Though these programs are limited to basic usage, you will be amazed that it can have an output a business card usually requires. So, it is good to say that you should try this free business card software and be amazed on what this can do.

Impressive Foil Business Cards


Why stick with the ordinary when you can go extraordinary?  Make a very good first impression with the foil business cards, otherwise known as foil stamped business cards.  Aside from foil stamping, make that extra special impression when you add a touch of your own personality on your double sided business cards.

Combine the elements from these two types of business cards and you will certainly get a good start in making a good impression last.

What are these elements?

First on the list is the flexibility which allows you to really play around with the layout of your business card, whether it is the foil kind or the double sided type.  Have fun with the layout and design. Would you want it to be really formal? How about a warm and friendly feel to it?  Whatever tickles your fancy, both these cards will certainly leave a mark.

Color, font type and pictures add more personality.

You have the whole rainbow spectrum, and even more, to choose your colors from. You can go monochromatic, two-toned or maybe even splash it with three major colors.  You can also go the whole nine yards with ROYGBV:  red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet.  Don’t forget to add that sparkle or that metallic feel by including the foil stamp element – on both sides of the card.  Remember!  It still boils down to your business card being an eye candy and not an eye sore.

The different choices in font type could also be a cause for options paralysis – there are so many to choose from.  It is important to bear in mind that we would want it to be clear and easily understood.

How about personality?  Your personality will be clearly reflected in the elements you will be using to create these cards.

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