Stick To The Facts Not The Common Real Estate Myths

It is easy to fall victim to common real estate myths. People like to spread rumors, and some of them are quite believable. To avoid any misunderstandings and disappointments, read these facts about realtors and Kansas City real estate.

Myth 1 – You will receive a better deal by calling the realtor on the For Sale sign.
It is not true that you will get a discount when you call the realtors on the signs posted in front of the Kansas City homes for sale. Stick to the realtors you know, or those with an excellent reputation. They will work for you, and make sure that you will get the best possible deal.

Myth 2 – When buying a home, you have to sign an agency agreement before an agent can actually work for you.
Nothing could be further from the truth. Do not sign any paperwork, because how do you know from your first meeting if a Kansas City real estate agent is right for you? What if the realtor is a great talker, but does not really do a whole lot? A competent real estate agent will work for you short time just with a verbal agreement. Sign the necessary documents once you know you are comfortable with the services that are being provided and the agent is a perfect match.


Myth 3 – The more agents you call, the quicker you will find your dream home.
All the Kansas City real estate agencies belonging to Multiple Listing Services (MLS) have access to the same properties. This means that it does not matter which realtor you call, they all work with the same information.

Myth 4 –My home will be sold during an Open House.
The chances that your house will sell because of an open house are limited. Sure, a public viewing allows potential buyers to explore the home without feeling pressured, but not many will make an offer. Most consumers like to shop around. Others are just nosy, or are trying to pick up ideas for their own home.

If you have questions in regards to Kansas City real estate, simply call a local agent or do a bit of research online.

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