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Where can I find the wholesalers?


Are you tired of bogus information regarding wholesalers? The word wholesale can be used rather loosely. If you go to Google Books and type in the word wholesale, there are actually a lot of obscure reports and other  such information. For our purposes, wholesaler means “one who buys or sells products in bulk”.

So, two items come to mind when talking about wholesalers. First is how to find a list of wholesalers. Second is using a wholesale distribution service.

I wish I could just offer you a list of wholesalers right here, right now. Unfortunately, I haven’t prepared the list myself and some of those who have prepared a list are rather tight fisted about their work. But I do have a few recommendations. If you go to the link above link, you can find information about buying and selling wholesale.

I also have a couple of sources I would like to mention. When I started investigating wholesale, one site that kept showing up in my research was www.salehoo.com. The site is fairly professional and advertises itself saying 8,000 of the world’s most legitimate suppliers, 100% real people, 75,000 members, and help steering clear of scammy suppliers.

A second source I would like to mention is The #1  Wholesale Suppliers Guide. You can find a copy at Tradebit.com.  My version of this guide has twenty five pages packed with information. But whether you try www.salehoo.com or the #1 Wholesale Suppliers guide, keep in mind that I do not personally benefit from either recommendation.

So far, I’ve provided you with some information on finding wholesaler lists. But what about wholesale distribution service. Again, this can mean a couple of things. First, people could want to start a wholesale distribution service. Second, people could want to make use of a distribution service to dropship products they sell. This is more or less what Zaken Corporation does. You would act in a sales capacity and Zaken Corporation would ship what you sell.

Using Zaken Corporation wasn’t much use to me since I didn’t have a strong sales background. But if you do have such a background, you would have to decide if the service was a good value.

Boost Up Your Business with Personalized Golf Tees


Personalized golf tees are now making a name in a world where competition abounds. These are affordable and attractive pieces that can serve for lots of purposes. Aside from being used in a game, personalized golf tees can now serve as occasion giveaways (for weddings, birthdays, etc.) or for promotional purposes so that your store will be known by lots of people.

However, you must consider several things before you grab yourself of those personalized golf tees. First and foremost, familiarize your target market.  To be able to create a strategy with your personalized golf tees in mind, you have to know what would make your possible clients want to try out and patronize your products and services.    Giving out survey questions can be a start. You can give these to households or in the streets. These should be very easy to answer and would not require deep thinking.  With this, you will be able to know what to place or print in your personalized golf tees that would suit your target.

Since golf tees are inexpensive, more people are opting for these. You can have these printed yourself; but for a more formal and consistent approach, you can get the services of professional custom item makers. Some of these companies would offer to do all the things needed; you just have to agree on the design and the price. But there are some where you supply the items, and they are the one who would print. With this method, you can look for suppliers that would sell you golf tees at a lesser price.    You may have to check their previous products, before you take a pick from several custom makers. If they have produced products that are quite convincing, then this is the perfect one for you.     You can also see if their previous customers really experienced a boost in their income with these promotions.    Aside from the quality, you should also consider the costs it would take to have your golf tees personalized. You can always negotiate on a win-win situation for the price.

Custom makers will not only print personalized golf tees, but also golf club labels.

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