Choosing A Corporate Communication Strategy Which Targets Set Goals

When deciding upon a corporate communication strategy you need to effectively plan out who your stakeholders are, what messages you are going to send out, the template structure that will be used as well as how recipients/responses will be tracked. In this article I’ll show you some of the key goals objectives that you should always keep in mind when formulating your own communication reports.

The process should begin with creative business management identifying who the stakeholders are for your communications. Corporate communication reports often go out to shareholders, the media, business analysts, industry analysts, etc. You will not be able to collaborate with each of these individuals to identify what types of messages they are expecting to see. Instead, collaborate with each of your management team (e.g. marketing, legal, engineering, customer support, etc.) with regard to what types of messages you should be sending out. Key to this part of the planning phase is deciding upon the frequency of these reports. The key is not to make it too frequent that producing reports becomes a burden.

You are then in a good position to start formulating the corporate communication strategy template structure. This should include sections regarding your company’s objectives, progress summary for the past reporting period, financial information (e.g. profit and loss etc.), major milestones that have been achieved on your projects or products, some of the issues that were experienced as well as any changes that have occurred with personnel or company process. This is just the basic structure and will alter over time as you receive different feedback about what works and what doesn’t work.


Once you have got clearance from your legal and marketing teams with regard to the actual content of your reports then you can begin sending out to communications. Your plan should also identify who is tasked with tracking the responses and feedback that is received, as well as the list of recipients. This can be used later on to establish if your corporate communication strategy is being effectively administered and that the reports are providing the right amount of value to the recipients.

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