Why Thesis For WordPress is A Great Theme

There are many different WordPress themes out there and whether you are developing a personal or business blog, or just a static website, you want to be sure that it not only looks great but is easy to manage. Thesis offers you this right out of the box, and there are many good reasons to get your hands on this theme.


No Coding Required
With thesis you don’t need to do any coding at all. This is because all of the design options you could possible need for your site are handled through a series of simple menu screens. This leave your time free to more exciting activities like building content for your site, and building links for awareness.

Reduces the Number of Plugins You Need
Thesis comes with many features that without it you would need lots of addition plugins to have. Plugins are great, but they do have a tendency to slow your website down. With thesis, you need less plugins as a lot of features such as analytics integration, search engine optimization and color changing are build right in to the theme.


Regular Updates
Unlike free themes, thesis is updated regularly to improve the usability based on the user community and to add lots of new features. This means that for a one of price, you are getting a theme that improves all of the time. Now that is certainly value for money!

Highly Customizable
Thanks to the inbuild design options you can customized you theme very easily with very few mouse clicks. This means that you don’t need to do any coding and can just change the look of your site as you feel like it very easily.

Use on Many Sites
If you build a lot of sites it can be hard learning to use new themes each time. If you go for the developer option you can build as many of your own sites as you like with the thesis theme at no extra cost. This means that you can always use a theme that you are familiar with, so setting up new sites is a breeze.

As you can see the thesis wordpress theme is a perhaps the greatest of all the premium wordpress themes.

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