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What Is the Menu Covers Real Price?

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Ordering bulk menu holders is just one way that you can reduce some of the costs of doing business in this tough industry. There are many ways that you can address your monthly expenses and adjust things as necessary and possible to maximize profits. Like with many aspects, some are more simple to address. You cannot always just go for the cheapest menu cover in town and hope that it will last you for ever. Usually, you will also need to order these items in volumes of at least a dozen or more for best pricing.

You can appreciate the cost savings that you’ll experience better if we discuss exactly what you’re looking at in terms of pricing. Many distributors will quote your prices near $15 USD per dozen. This translates into just over $1 USD each for those clear vinyl or plastic menu covers.

You’ve heard that saying that the ‘devil is in the details’. Well, consider that there is also a lot of heaven in those details, too. In order for your guests to be truly impressed, you’ll have to do more than just have good food and service. While these are the pillars or cornerstones to a great restaurant, they are just as importantly supported with details like the decor and an appetizing menu itself.

Knowing which areas of your restaurant are doing well and other aspects where you could improve will go a long way toward helping you achieve ever greater success and longevity. Since the menu cover is one item that each and every guest of yours will hold in their own hands, it is an important item to pay attention to. You can get away with a more functional menu if you own a family dining establishment. However, if you enter the fine dining world, you will find that you have to step up the quality. How the menu looks and feels is also important, if not more so, in shaping your guests’ impression of your food choices or selections.

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