Why Bosses’ Coaching Can Yield Better Employees

There is a similar analogy between a parent and a child, and a boss and his subordinate. Although of different levels, there exists the idea of how a boss can have a great impact on the development of his or her subordinates, the same way a parent has over their children – acting as the guide in the early decisions and circumstances in life and the go-to person when in need of advice. Everybody desires more in life than just coursing through the motions; they desire to feel the pains, and the joys and triumphs as well, and they look up to their guide to show them those things. Both parents and bosses have big responsibilities because they play an important role in mentoring the children and employees respectively.


Albeit the pleasant notion of having to discuss both analogies, we would move on the concept of coaching within the workplace, between the boss and his employees.

Leaders are selected centered on their potential to head and encourage a group to newer and greater levels. This theory is very widespread in sports. Teams – whether in basketball or baseball or hockey – hope to have a coach that can augment the team members’ talents and efforts in order to pursue a championship. Team executives think that having a great coach on your team will make it simpler for the players to stay concentrated and motivated on the main goal. Industries are similar to this, in that bosses who own the appropriate coaching skills are bound to have the most shots at victory. Engaging a supervisor that can squeeze out all-out effort from their employees is more than likely to succeed.


Nonetheless, there are times when a third party may still have a new form of motivation – one that is different from the coaches’ usual style, and which may prove more effective. Many companies require the services of guest speakers and motivational leaders to handle coaching workshops and team building events that help promote teamwork in the workplace. Having a coaching workshop done by experts is a smart choice for motivating employees. It is hard to argue with the fact that these experts have a vast repertoire of activities and strategies to help employees reach their full potential. Having experts that can focus and dive deeper into very important issues can expose employees to better ways of thinking. The knowledge gained from these coaching workshops is very valuable to a business.

Notwithstanding the clear and palpable enticement brought about by good compensation and the role it plays in the motivation and satisfaction of an employee, money is not enough. Most workers have a noble sense of dignity in which they want to feel appreciated, that their jobs really do matter in the grand scheme of things. And what better way to show appreciation that to give them opportunities to grow professionally.

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